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ROYAL firm For Electromechanical Engineering- Consultant Engineers was founded in 1994 by Engineer Na'el Sa’adeh.  The firm focused through its work on the mechanical and electrical services for commercial and industrial constructions which includes HVAC, sanitary, fire fighting, lighting, power, low voltage and network.

Royal and from the beginning keep acquiring important works and participate in numerous major projects, including commercial, health, educational, public and multi purpose buildings. Later on, Royal develop the researches division which concern feasibility studies and analytical researches

Most of the works had done by Royal covers the Electromechanical Design and Supervision; that included air conditioning ventilation, domestic hot and cold water systems, fire fighting, swimming pools, power net works, low voltage networks which based on engineering calculations (according to international & local codes), in addition to the infrastructure works which include management the water supplies, waste water, solid waste and environmental dangers the water piping system, water network, storm water, sewage works and electrical network.

Around 2005, Royal, not only continued on a steady growth pattern on the national level, but also expanded its work abroad, in particular conducting several projects in USA in cooperation with international companies in the area of engineering. That, inspite of the difficulties raised during the last five years in the country which encounter the private sector as a whole.
Royal and through its work finalized a design for projects package in Newjercy in cooperation with Royal counterpart in USA. The work produced according to the American standards for electro-mechanical works. 

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